Work on your business, not in the business

32dayz automates for you:

  1. Tracking the time that staff spend on projects
  2. Keeping track of sick, unpaid and advanced leaves
  3. Planning and controlling vacation time
  4. Sharing news about your company with employees
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Time tracking is a must for controlled business

32dayz allows you to track the hours that employees spend working on specific projects. This allows you to quickly and fairly calculate employees’ salaries, as well as accurately evaluate the effectiveness of team and individual performance. Ultimately this service allows you to make more accurate assessments of the profitability of your projects and clients.

There are advantages for your employees too, who will appreciate the convenience and speed of our system, which allows them to fill out timesheets both via a browser and mobile applications.

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Time tracking is a must for controlled business.

You can't manage
what you don't measure

Our reports allow you to track the status of your projects in real time, as well as use accumulated data to make estimates for your future projects.

You can also monitor your team's discipline through detailed reports on employee attendance. It's no secret that people tend to work better when they know they are being watched.

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You Can't Manage. What You Don't Measure

Time tracking is just the beginning...