Trello reporting made easy

32dayz automatically tracks which cards were moved forward or accomplished across all your Trello organization's boards. You will get daily digest and see what your team has really done


Cards in Progress

Look at what your team is working on right now across all Trello boards.

See what was done by your team across different Trello boards for the last day/last 7 days/last month.

Cards Completed

Keep track of overdue cards and capture them in all your projects

Overdue Cards

What else can you do with 32dayz

Track time spent on tasks and projects

Export reports into PDF, Excel and CSV

Drill down into employee time across projects, departments and tags

Change work schedule and keep colleagues informed

Keep track of vacations and days off

Make company-wide announcements and discuss them

So which real-life problems we've solved?

We asked our customers and here's what they said

Alexander Sergeev

CTO & Co-Founder at Meetville

“32dayz closes Trello's biggest drawback - the lack of ability to unify your view of multiple boards into single 'pane of glass'. Now I have robust reports across all organization's boards.

I don't have to check into Trello any more in order to see whether certain tasks have moved forward. Thanks to 32dayz I have an e-mail summary now.

Mark Miller

Project Manager at Humanoit

Your Trello boards do a great job telling you the state of today. But how do you know what's happened during the past day, week or month? That's where 32dayz comes in.

Laura Walker

Brand Manager at iTexus

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Ideal for startups and product teams

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What is 32dayz in a nutshell?

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32dayz is a task and time tracking software for product teams.

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