We friendly remind your employees to update their status

Employees specify what they have done and optionally track time

Get everyday digest and see what your team has done

Give feedback to your colleagues by commenting and liking their dones

What else can you do

Track time spent on tasks and projects

Make company-wide announcements and discuss them

Export reports into PDF, Excel and CSV

Keep track of vacations and days off

Drill down into employee time across, projects, departments and tags

Change work schedule and keep colleagues informed

Import your tasks from your favorite tools


Track your dones directly from Slack.


Connect apps like Trello, Google Calendar, Evernote, and many others to 32dayz via Zapier.


This plugin for Redmine automatically posts your ticket updates to 32dayz.


Completed tasks and logged time automatically appear in 32dayz.


Track tasks, dones and time from cards with the Trello plugin.


Completed tasks and logged time automatically appear in 32dayz.


Track time on your projects without ever leaving Basecamp.


The 32dayz timer is built into the Asana task pane so you can track time for any task without leaving Asana.


Track time directly from the Telegram chat with the help of 32dayz bot.

The finest companies get stuff done with 32dayz