About us

32dayz was developed by the Humanoit Group, an UX and usability agency. Since 2006, the Humanoit Group has been successfully creating market-ready digital products, including efficient web and mobile applications that are people-centred. 

The global mission of the HumanoIT Group is to increase human power with the help of technologies.

How did we develop 32dayz?

Our company was growing fast and we needed to scale our operations, so we decided to optimize our business processes. That required us to focus on task and time tracking. We couldn't find an affordable task and time tracker that would do all the things we wanted; therefore, 32dayz was designed. Thus, in the beginning, 32dayz was intended for internal use only.

As our team continued to grow, we faced communication issues. Not all employees were kept well informed; necessary information failed to reach the team when they needed it; and employees didn’t receive consistent messages from the management. Furthermore sometimes employees  themselves didn’t share with each other and with management.

So, this is how we came up with an idea of developing an additional feature called Activity Feed which solved these problems. As a result, with a little bit of additional effort, communication became much more efficient. Today 32dayz governs motivation, communication and discipline within our company. It has grown to be a mission-critical product. We are happy to offer 32dayz to other companies, and believe that through our system, we can make the world a little bit finer and more organized.