32dayz vs. IDoneThis vs. Harvest


Tracking the time your staff spend on projects.

Time tracking

An employee can launch a timer for a more precise time control.


An employee can tell the whole team about his/her achievements.

Achievements/Dones tracking

An employee can comment on colleagues’ reports, like them, invite other workers to a conversation (they will get an e-mail notification and join the discussion).

Comments, likes and mentions

Activity feed of a project includes all the completed tasks and employees’ achievements.

Activity Feed

Employees can make announcements which will be available for the whole company.

Company-wide announcements

Employees can set vacation dates.

Vacations planning

Daily digest which will tell you what the team were doing during the day.

Everyday digest by e-mail

The system sends an e-mail notification so that an employee would record completed tasks and report on the achievements during the day.

Reminder by e-mail

A section, where you can find out who is absent and what the reason for it is.

Team overview

Tasks are grouped by projects.


Employees are grouped by departments.


A company can import information on completed tasks from other systems.

Import tasks from 3d party tools

The days when an employee is ill.

Sick leave tracking

The leaves at one's own expense.

Unpaid leave tracking

The leaves counted as vacations.

Advanced leave tracking

A detailed report on a budget.

Detailed time reports

A report on the company.

Reporting: Company activity

A report on a department.

Reporting: Department activity

A report on a project.

Reporting: Project activity

A report on an employee.

Reporting: Employee activity

A report on attendance and billing.

Reporting: Attendance & Billing

A report on vacations.

Reporting: Vacations report

The system can export reports to PDF and CSV formats or send them via e-mail.

Export reports to PDF, CSV. Send reports by e-mail

Tasks can be marked by tags.


Native iPhone App

Native Android App

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1. Time tracking

Initially, 32dayz is to track time spent on work. An employee describes the essence of a task and indicates time it took him/her. Work type can be indicated with the help of tags. By a single click, a user can also launch and stop the timer for a more precise time control.

All the reports from all the employees are displayed in the activity feed. Any person can leave a comment or like a task report.

As administrator, you can define the following categories for your company: projects, departments inside rojects, task categories inside departments.

32dayz also allows various types of leaves: advanced, unpaid and sick leaves.

2. Achievements tracking

If you have got significant achievements in your work, for example, implementing an important functionality, tell your colleagues, share your happiness with them! Your achievements are available to the whole team on the main page. Co-workers can discuss your contribution to the project in comment section or just like it. Activity feed forms project history in the course of time. You can find completed tasks and all the significant achievements of your employees there.

32dayz sends a digest to all the employees every day so you can understand how quick how quick the development of your project is moving. And everyone can take part in discussion on this or that task straight away, like someone’s report and be glad about colleagues’ achievements. You’ll be aware of your project pulse with the digest.

3. Team overview

You’ll find information about a team in this block: who is present, how much time each of the employees and the whole team worked. If you want to restore old information, just list the table - it keeps all the history of work expenses.

4. Vacations planning

If you have planned a vacation, tell all the team about it. Go to 32dayz planning section and create a plan of your vacation - a record in the vacation calendar. You will also see other employees’ vacations. It will help you to plan your work wisely and avoid risks connected with workers’ absence.

5. Company-wide announcements

Make announcements in 32dayz. Tell the company about a coming office holiday or team recreation. If there’s a new person joining a team or an employee has a birthday, share the news with everybody. 32dayz news feed is for those who want to be aware of all the company events!

Time tracking for teams.

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