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8 services for conducting user researches

wrote this on Май 7, 2016

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Anton Sukharev, Shopnetic product manager, has compiled a list of services which help to conduct user researches - with prices and main peculiarities. We can’t but share the translation of the article with you.

If you’ve read “Big list of must have tools for every product manager”, you probably know that I’d announced a publication of suchlike lists. So, here you’ll find services for conducting researches.

Retention metric you should measure

wrote this on Апр 19, 2016

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Everybody who builds mobile apps agrees that retention is the most confusing metric.

As there are a plenty of various metrics to measure retention (D1, D7, D30, Week1, Week5, Month 2), it’s crucial to choose the one to concentrate on. So, what’s retention? Dinesh Vernekar answers the question in his article.

Churn University will teach you how to grow your SaaS product

wrote this on Мар 26, 2016


It’s a common concern of all SaaS product creators to convert signups into paying clients. In order to reach this particular goal, you should be aware of latest trends, concepts and practices for it. Today we suggest you to get acquainted with an awesome project - Churn University - a resource for people building SaaS businesses.

9 useful tips on app analytics setup

wrote this on Мар 17, 2016

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The majority of modern analytical systems work on the basis of events. An event is any user action in an app fixed by an analytical system. Analysts usually choose the following events:

  • user registration or the first visit
  • app entry
  • payment (virtual or real)

The three events are enough to calculate user retention metrics, activity and monetization, i.e. to answer 80% of analytics questions. But is it enough?

Vasiliy Sabirov answers the burning question in his article.

16 startup metric to have a closer look at

wrote this on Мар 6, 2016

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Jeff Jordan, Anu Hariharan, Frank Chen, and Preethi Kasireddy consider themselves very lucky to have an opportunity to meet thousands of entrepreneurs every year. Thus, they see various metrics that display health of companies. But there are cases when metrics don’t really display the state of business or people use various interpretations of one and the same metric.

So, the authors have compiled a list of common metrics and the ones that are easy to confuse. It’s true that “good metrics aren’t about raising money from VCs — they’re about running the business in a way where founders know how and why certain things are working (or not) … and can address or adjust accordingly.”

How to use «Suggested Search Hack» and get organic visitors by mapping content to the sales funnel

wrote this on Фев 10, 2016

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It’s a widespread situation when businesses that have blogs getting traffic don’t generate a ton of revenue. People are fully concentrated on creating of such a content which will get plenty of traffic. But, unfortunately, the majority of them don’t map their content strategy to buyers' search intents at various stages in the sales funnel.

Benji Hyam asks you a question: “You want $10k monthly deal sizes for your agency and you’re currently getting leads from companies who can barely afford $1k a month? Or even worse, the prospects you’re getting don’t have revenue. Or you run marketing for a SaaS company and you’re driving a lot of great traffic to your blog, but your traffic doesn’t convert to free trials, or your other funnel goals?

He suggests creating such a content that will strategically bring leads in at various stages of your sales funnel. Benji Hyam will tell you how they managed to grow their search traffic to more than 12k visitors per month during 6 months at ThinkApps and share the strategy they used to match various stages of the sales funnel (top level awareness, mid-funnel, and low funnel opportunities).

8 psychological laws to enhance your sales

wrote this on Фев 8, 2016

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There’s one key to a great marketing: understanding. It’s an essential point as understanding your clients will help you to create a cool product and choose the best way to present it. If you experience difficulties in sales, it’s high time to find out how your clients think. It’s called psychology. Marketing and psychology are different fields but yet closely connected. And in this article Neil Patel will prove it to you. Here you’ll find 8 psychological principles which you can use for your business.

How to tell people about a non-unique product in a right way

wrote this on Фев 1, 2016

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“How to define a value of a product we see if it’s non-unique.”

If you want to make your business better, you should know that it’s important to explain customers the value of owning your product. But it may be difficult to start as you have many competitors and they sell the same products. It may seem that everything you could say about value is already said.

This article studies the processes and peculiarities of thinking which are necessary for creation of a value proposition for an oversaturated market.

11 things that tend to work in A/B tests

wrote this on Янв 27, 2016

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Alex Birkett believes that there are no strict rules when it comes to conversion optimization as all sites are contextual. So, something may work great for one site and fail for another. But still, some tactics tend to work more often than not.

Persuasion architecture. 7 mechanisms of user manipulation

wrote this on Янв 25, 2016

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Asmin7 has prepared a material based on Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion”.  

Are you ready to become a persuasion architect?