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WalkMe: simple user experience in a moment

wrote this on Ноя 30, 2015


There’s no doubt that customer support helps to build trust, keeps long-term customer retention and enhances brand loyalty. But many companies don’t give it the attention it deserves. And, consequently, your users start looking at your competitors in search of a better alternative. Avoid this mistake.

29 apps that will to enhance your office productivity

wrote this on Ноя 17, 2015

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Our lives have become easier due to technologies. Now, when we all have smartphones and tablets, there is a great amount of apps that can track how many miles you’ve walked and how much time you spend in social networks. The line between fun and work in app world is not easy to distinguish. So, Eric Ebert has gathered 29 apps that will help you to be productive.

App Store Review Guidelines History

wrote this on Ноя 5, 2015

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Leonid Bogolubov has told about App Store Review Guidelines History.

It's a website that tracks all changes in App Store Review Guidelines. Each change is a highlighting of a deleted or added text. There's a change history and a newsletter with amendments.

Live Coding allows to hire a developer and watch him in real time

wrote this on Ноя 2, 2015

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Leonid Bogolubov has shared great news: Live Coding, “Twitch for developers” has added a service now which allows to hire the people you watch.  

Tools a developer needs for app marketing

wrote this on Окт 29, 2015

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Kirill Agishev has gathered most efficient tools which will help developers to promote their apps.

Collective work on interface projecting with the help of RealtimeBoard

wrote this on Окт 21, 2015


Mentors of “Interfaces” column on continue publishing cases and tools which will be useful for representatives of the industry. Philip Konzarenco shares Anna Boyarkina’s, a marketing manager of RealtimeBoard collective work service, story of UX/UI-solutions elaboration.

RealtimeBoard is a service for a collective work which looks like an online-board and allows to visualize processes in a convenient way, work with content, discuss design and plan.

Tools designers use in their work. According to a poll of designers from 200 countries

wrote this on Окт 14, 2015

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What tools designers use in order to think of ideas, create prototypes and manage projects? has carried out a poll among 4 000 designers from 200 countries and found out what tools they like most of all.

Participants of the poll were asked to name their favorite tools they use for 6 main design-tasks. Here's a translation of the article by Ekaterina Izmestieva.

What CRM-systems are and how to choose them right?

wrote this on Сен 14, 2015

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Kinzyabulatov Ramil has written a profound article explaining what CRM-systems are, what are they necessary for and how to choose the right system for your business.

How to set up Kanban in Jira for development of your own products on Meetville example

wrote this on Авг 12, 2015

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In this note I will tell you what final development process in Jira we’ve come to. I also briefly describe the way we’ve made till the present day. A reader will get ready-made regulations with process description and development rules. Take them and introduce them!

Kanban in IT (Kanban Development)

wrote this on Авг 10, 2015

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We've found and translated a great article on Kanban telling about its advantages and main competitors. We can't but share it with you.

The term Kanban has appeared in Japan due to a widely known in narrow circles Toyota Production System. We’d like more people to learn about this system and its main principles: careful production, constant development, client-orientation, etc. All these principles are described in Taiichi Ohno’s book “Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production”.