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Creating perfect App Store screenshots of your iOS App

wrote this on Авг 17, 2015

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App Store screenshots are the first thing in convincing people to install/buy your app. But many apps do screenshots totally wrong. Here’s a review of tips and methods to generate nice screenshots compiled by Felix Krause.

The best days to launch or promote your iOS app — by category (Q1 2015)

wrote this on Авг 6, 2015

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Many people have the following question: What is the best day to launch or promote an app? Hugh Kimura says there’s no definite answer, so we need to consider every category separately. Their Data Science team has carried out an investigation of all the primary iOS categories in order to understand which days are more successful considering downloads and revenue.

It’s essential to understand revenue tendencies because you need to know when to launch in-app purchase promotions.

Ideal Customer Profile framework

wrote this on Авг 5, 2015

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It’s a must to have a clear definition of your Ideal Customer.

ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) is what defines everything in a SaaS product you build. It concerns functionality, features and even words and emotions you use.

It’s not true that making an Ideal Customer Profile limits you. No. You actually choose your customers, people you want to deal with. But actually, it’s users who choose you in the end.

There are many methods to create an Ideal Customer Profile but Lincoln Murphy has created a framework of his on and wants to share it with you.

Consumers spend 85% of time on apps in smartphones but use only 5 of them actively

wrote this on Июл 24, 2015

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A new investigation of mobile behavior shows a growing problem that developers encounter, says Anna Uhanaeva. Today consumers spend more than 85% of their time in smartphones on native apps, but most of the time they spend on only 5 apps.

Mobile app promotion №35. Push-notifications

wrote this on Июн 30, 2015

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A mobile marketing specialist’s work isn’t finished after an installation. An install isn’t a final goal as new users need to be kept in an app. Today we’ll talk about one attribute of mobile platforms that allows to interact with your users.

Mobile app promotion №34. Pre-installations

wrote this on Июн 24, 2015

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Usually a mobile marketing specialist’s work comes to making a user to install an app. What if a publisher or developer would do it? Sounds absurdly but still it’s possible. Today we’ll tell you about it.

Mobile app promotion №33. Search in app stores

wrote this on Июн 20, 2015

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Almost any mobile store has search function. It’s an inseparable tool of stores which helps users to find apps. You can use it in marketing as well for generating traffic. Today we’ll tell you how the search is built and what should a marketing specialist do in order to get users from it.

Mobile app promotion №32. Main efficiency metrics of mobile advertisements

wrote this on Июн 18, 2015

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Audience analytics is needed for correcting an advertising campaign and an app itself so you could get maximum income from your product in any conditions (even changing ones). Analytics should cover all the stages of conversion way. The main task of a mobile marketing specialist is to understand all the important aspects of interaction with an app and know the effect from advertising.

Mobile app promotion №31. How do trackers work?

wrote this on Июн 15, 2015

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Promotion without analytics is like driving with eyes shut. Will you go far? The same is with mobile apps. Even an experienced marketing specialist shouldn’t rely on professional intuition. Today we’ll speak about some aspects of mobile analytics, traffic tracking while promoting apps, to be exact.

Mobile app promotion №30. Mobile advertising in video networks

wrote this on Июн 13, 2015

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Mobile advertising is remarkable for the fact that various formats are used in it: from trivial static banners to full-screen interactive advertisements. Video is one of the most efficient and popular advertising types. Today we’ll tell you how does video format work and what advertisers and monetizers should know.