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A small note for developers

wrote this on Мар 22, 2015


Show your developers the links below before they make an initial assessment about integrating with Facebook.

Posting to friends’ walls and the story of Badoo

wrote this on Мар 21, 2015


Badoo is a dating website, founded in 2006 by Russian businessman Andrei Andreev, the founder of other projects like Mamba and Begun.

He always dreamed of bringing Mamba to an international market, but never quite managed it. Then he created Badoo.

At the moment Badoo is fourth in the world rankings of social networks. The number of network users at the time of writing is about 162 million. 125,000 new users register with Badoo every day.

A success story: the Open Graph and the story of Socialcam

wrote this on Мар 20, 2015

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So, what’s so special about Socialcam? Basically this app managed to copy millions of Facebook users (at the time of writing 5,9 million), and did so completely legally.

How to boost your registration conversion rate using Facebook

wrote this on Мар 19, 2015

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Banner ads can be an effective way of generating traffic to your site. If you put a banner advert on an external site, it will lead users to your site. Visitors come to your homepage, take a look around and a small proportion will register on the site. The rest will move on, probably without a second thought.

The average conversion rate of visitors to registered users is pretty low, around 1-3% depending on the industry, but no more.

So how does the process differ when Facebook is involved? 

Testing your app

wrote this on Мар 18, 2015

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What if you want to test registration with your site via Facebook, but all your Facebook accounts are already registered with your site and you can´t untie them? Registering again and again on Facebook is a long and dreary process, which is where Facebook’s tool for testing apps and websites integrated with Facebook can help you.

Keeping imported profiles up-todate or profile synchronization

wrote this on Мар 17, 2015

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A user has registered with your site via Facebook, and you have imported information from their Facebook profile to your database. But what if they change their profile? The user may add a new interest, or remove an old one, they may add new friends, or update their reading list. In all of the cases above, the information will only be updated on the user’s Facebook profile. Your site will retain the information that was available when they registered via Facebook. So how can you tell when a user’s profile has been changed and copy the changes?

Importing photos from user´s Facebook albums

wrote this on Мар 16, 2015

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We are publishing more and more photos on Facebook because it is so convenient to do so wherever you are in the world and using various devices including computers, smart phones or tablets.

Other sites sometimes want images that have already been posted on Facebook. For example, if a user wants to print some photos, they contact a site which specializes in this and it asks them to upload photos. This requires them to look for pictures on their computer, photo by photo, which can take a lot of time.

The photo-printing site can make this process easier if it creates a function to import photos from Facebook.

Sharing links to your site on Facebook

wrote this on Мар 15, 2015

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Assuming that your website features cool stuff, such as interesting articles, funny videos, photos, recipes, etc., visitors will want to share this with their friends.

And it’s not just visitors and their friends who benefit from sharing links to your site, you will too. A link to your site will appear on the user´s wall on Facebook, and will therefore be visible to their friends.

Publishing news on Facebook

wrote this on Мар 14, 2015


If a user has registered on your site using their Facebook account and you want their Facebook friends to know about it, you can publish a note on the user´s Facebook wall.

Enabling users to invite their Facebook friends to your site

wrote this on Мар 13, 2015


So, you already have a website, you have integrated it with Facebook using Facebook Connect. This means that you now also have access to your registered users’ friends. Maybe your users would like to invite their Facebook friends to you site because it is useful, or entertaining — people always want to share a cool site with their friends.

To do this, you can make a function to allow users to invite their friends to your site.