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Lean Startup: 7 tips to teams using quick hypotheses test method

wrote this on Мар 16, 2016

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An analyst David Bland has written in his Medium blog a note with advice on how to use Lean Startup principles - a method allowing to test ideas and business models quickly. Olga Shishkova has shared the material on

How to check startup ideas and validate them

wrote this on Мар 15, 2016

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Are you thinking on developing a new idea? Yana Polukord offers a detailed guide for you to learn.

So, you have an idea, what should will you do next?

Pirate metrics: how to create an email campaign on Dave McClure’s AARRR principle

wrote this on Дек 2, 2015

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This article is about a development of trigger emails which will help your clients to go through a sales funnel and become satisfied, interested and paying users.

The letters you’re sending now may not affect conversion. And this article will help you to change the situation. The following plan was inspired by Dave McClure’s model “AARRR: metrics for pirates”. It’s an awesome conceptual scheme which is easy to use.

How to ask for access correctly?

wrote this on Ноя 12, 2015

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Brenden Mulligan, the author of the article, is one of LaunchKit creators, a tool set for iOS developers. He also works on a mobile and web-app Cluster which allows to create personal networks on the basis of common interests and experience. Also, Brenden is the author of ArtistData and OneSheet projects.

Cluster has become my first mobile native app. Working on it, I’ve realized that I’ve learned so many things including those not concerning web. When you create a web-app, you only create a page for visitors. But when you develop a native app, you not only offer people to download something, but also ask them to give you access to their location and personal data. And these are very different relationships.

How to use growth hacking to attract and retain customers

wrote this on Авг 13, 2015

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Neil Patel will tell us about growth hacking today.

We are surrounded by a great many of tools, resources and information today. And it’s very important that we take advantage of them to grow our businesses.

So what do growth hackers do?

How to calculate and increase customer lifetime value

wrote this on Авг 7, 2015

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It’s not true that to acquire a customer costs 5-7x more than to keep one. Tommy Walker writes about it because many entrepreneurs reallocate budgets basing on soundbite statistics and end up with a disaster. It’s highly important to analyze your data to establish viable benchmarks and goals.

Walker describes various metrics associated with customer lifetime value and explores how this knowledge can be used to make data driven decisions.

The psychology of pricing: a gigantic list of strategies

wrote this on Июл 20, 2015

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In order to succeed in nowadays competitive market it’s necessary to use smart pricing strategies when selling products or services.

Today we offer you an article on behavioral economics that will help you to see a clear picture of how to set prices right. Nick Kolenda has compiled a huge list of pricing strategies. It’s an absolute must-read. The article is divided into 4 parts, each containing different strategies and tactics you can apply straightaway.

SaaS Bible

wrote this on Июл 16, 2015

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Here’s an article by David Skok which explains the key metrics essential for understanding and optimization of SaaS business.

As SaaS business is more complicated than any traditional business, metrics for traditional business can’t capture the main factors that drive SaaS performance.

David Skok will help you to answer the questions:

  • Is my business financially viable?
  • What is working well, and what needs to be improved?
  • What levers should management focus on to drive the business?
  • Should the CEO hit the accelerator, or the brakes?
  • What is the impact on cash and profit/loss of hitting the accelerator?
How to get media coverage for your startup: a complete guide

wrote this on Июл 15, 2015

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There’s always a moment when people start to think about how to best get press for their startup. Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer, shares his experience in the form of an ultimate guide. Buffer was featured by Mashable 6 times and also articles about it appeared in TechCrunch, The Next Web, ReadWriteWeb, GigaOm, LifeHacker, VentureBeat, Inc. Magazine, etc. So now you judge for yourself whether this tips work or not.

Leo Widrich points out that you should bear in mind that such results are also connected with a specific nature of Buffer - a tool for social media.

As the article contains much information, read only one point at a time, do it at once in and then proceed to another point.

When does paid acquisition work for SaaS startups?

wrote this on Июл 3, 2015

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Ada Chen Rekhi started working on a new startup called “Connected”. It provides management without the work. So she decided to share her thoughts on how to choose the right user acquisition channels.