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How to ask for access correctly?

wrote this on Ноя 12, 2015

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Brenden Mulligan, the author of the article, is one of LaunchKit creators, a tool set for iOS developers. He also works on a mobile and web-app Cluster which allows to create personal networks on the basis of common interests and experience. Also, Brenden is the author of ArtistData and OneSheet projects.

Cluster has become my first mobile native app. Working on it, I’ve realized that I’ve learned so many things including those not concerning web. When you create a web-app, you only create a page for visitors. But when you develop a native app, you not only offer people to download something, but also ask them to give you access to their location and personal data. And these are very different relationships.

Mack Flavelle (Tapstream): it’s getting more difficult to keep users

wrote this on Авг 18, 2015

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Ann Lisina has shared an article on changes in user retention during 2014. We couldn't but make a translation and share it with you.

As the majority of mobile app developers know it’s getting more difficult to keep users every year. Tapstream decided to check this statement. We analysed anonymous data collected by the platform on how our clients get and attract mobile users’ attention. A sharp decrease of user involvement indices in comparison with the previous year has become a surprise even for us.

Creating perfect App Store screenshots of your iOS App

wrote this on Авг 17, 2015

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App Store screenshots are the first thing in convincing people to install/buy your app. But many apps do screenshots totally wrong. Here’s a review of tips and methods to generate nice screenshots compiled by Felix Krause.

How much money iOS apps make per download (by category)

wrote this on Июл 31, 2015

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Generally, iOS apps bring more income than Android apps. But have you ever thought of how much iOS apps make per download?

Hugh Kimura have. He examined Store Intelligence data to get a full picture of the revenue per download for all iOS apps throughout the world.

Some of categories are pretty predictable (for example, games). But others may earn more money than you could think. This information is highly important if you’re going to create an app: the data will be very helpful in choosing an app category.

How visual mobile analytics can improve UX and increase retention

wrote this on Июл 30, 2015

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Hearing about something isn’t the same as seeing something. It concerns data as well. If you have a report with graphs and data, it still doesn’t give you a full picture. What if you would have a possibility to see your app with your users’ eyes? Robin Schwartz shares her thoughts on the topic.

Mobile advertising spend to pass desktop spend in 2016

wrote this on Июл 28, 2015

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The total amount spent on mobile advertising will surpass desktop ad spend in 2016 says Andy Boxall. eMarketer has carried out a research where desktop ad spending is at $29b in 2015 ($28b for mobile). It’s predicted that it’ll increase to $40b against $26b in 2016.

Consumers spend 85% of time on apps in smartphones but use only 5 of them actively

wrote this on Июл 24, 2015

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A new investigation of mobile behavior shows a growing problem that developers encounter, says Anna Uhanaeva. Today consumers spend more than 85% of their time in smartphones on native apps, but most of the time they spend on only 5 apps.

Mobile programmatic spending is on the rise

wrote this on Июл 8, 2015

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Marketing specialists invest in programmatic ads mostly. It’s proved by an infographic released by an independent mobile advertising network Millennial Media. 91% of advertisers spend more on programmatic ads, according to a Q1 2015 survey and Millennial Media data.

People spend more time in apps but the number of apps is the same

wrote this on Июл 2, 2015

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Time people spend in apps has increased unlike app quantity.

People spend significantly more time in their apps now. But the quantity of apps they use is still the same, according to Nielsen.

How does mobile marketing work and how to use Big Data efficiently?

wrote this on Июл 1, 2015

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SEOnews editorial staff and SEO Study company have carried out a free webinar from a “Webinar with a World Guru” series.

Çağlar İçer, business intelligence analyst at Insider, made a speech on “Mobile Marketing and Big Data trends” which offers cloud tools and services for conversion optimization and change using a technology meant for online visitors.

The speaker covered the following questions:

  • How to use Big Data efficiently?
  • How to develop a mobile app?
  • What tendencies are popular in mobile marketing now?