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App Store Review Guidelines History

wrote this on Ноя 5, 2015

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Leonid Bogolubov has told about App Store Review Guidelines History.

It's a website that tracks all changes in App Store Review Guidelines. Each change is a highlighting of a deleted or added text. There's a change history and a newsletter with amendments.

Live Coding allows to hire a developer and watch him in real time

wrote this on Ноя 2, 2015

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Leonid Bogolubov has shared great news: Live Coding, “Twitch for developers” has added a service now which allows to hire the people you watch.  —  how to unsubscribe from all the newsletters at once

wrote this on Апр 9, 2015


From time to time newsletter misanthropy attacked me. It’s a condition when you want to unsubscribe from all the newsletters. Sometimes I even did unsubscribe from 2-3 of them. But I love everything new and useful so much that the number of my subscriptions has always exceeded the number of newsletters I unsubscribed from. I can’t ignore newsletters like “Secrets of AppStore promotion” or “Best Growth Hacks Ever”. So my Inbox was always packed with endless letters, thoughts, links and other content which now is fashionable to use for budget promotion of products and services.

Many thanks to Mailbox. It has significantly decreased the stress from this info channel. To be more exact, it has moved all the work on reading the newsletters, comprehension and planning to the weekends. But still the amount of them was the same: I moved boxes with bytes to the weekends— they’re in the archive. Further on I still should convert 0 and 1 into useful connections, neuronic connections.

Mailbox — how to enjoy your life right here and now

wrote this on Апр 8, 2015

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Any self-respecting startupper works on increasing productivity. Mailbox is one of the apps which has significantly enhanced my productivity. And I’ll tell you how.

Commit — must have app for any lifehacker

wrote this on Апр 5, 2015

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I’ve been using Commit app for a long time. It helped me to form some useful habits. Here are some of them.