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8 services for conducting user researches

wrote this on Май 7, 2016

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Anton Sukharev, Shopnetic product manager, has compiled a list of services which help to conduct user researches - with prices and main peculiarities. We can’t but share the translation of the article with you.

If you’ve read “Big list of must have tools for every product manager”, you probably know that I’d announced a publication of suchlike lists. So, here you’ll find services for conducting researches.

10 tips on enhancing your app UX

wrote this on Май 5, 2016

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Investigations show that investments in UX result in a decrease of user acquisition price, technical support expenditures and guarantee improvement in keeping users.

Kseniya believes that each dollar invested in UX, turns into 100 dollars. Which is a stunning 9,900% ROI.

That’s why it’s extremely important to pay attention to experience of interaction with users.

UX is a mixture of good design and user understanding.

Actually, organic growth depends on the quality of interaction experience. In order to help you get happy users, Nidhi Shah from Arkanea has gathered the most widespread mistakes in usability and advice on how to solve them.

Retention metric you should measure

wrote this on Апр 19, 2016

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Everybody who builds mobile apps agrees that retention is the most confusing metric.

As there are a plenty of various metrics to measure retention (D1, D7, D30, Week1, Week5, Month 2), it’s crucial to choose the one to concentrate on. So, what’s retention? Dinesh Vernekar answers the question in his article.

Churn University will teach you how to grow your SaaS product

wrote this on Мар 26, 2016


It’s a common concern of all SaaS product creators to convert signups into paying clients. In order to reach this particular goal, you should be aware of latest trends, concepts and practices for it. Today we suggest you to get acquainted with an awesome project - Churn University - a resource for people building SaaS businesses.

9 useful tips on app analytics setup

wrote this on Мар 17, 2016

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The majority of modern analytical systems work on the basis of events. An event is any user action in an app fixed by an analytical system. Analysts usually choose the following events:

  • user registration or the first visit
  • app entry
  • payment (virtual or real)

The three events are enough to calculate user retention metrics, activity and monetization, i.e. to answer 80% of analytics questions. But is it enough?

Vasiliy Sabirov answers the burning question in his article.

Lean Startup: 7 tips to teams using quick hypotheses test method

wrote this on Мар 16, 2016

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An analyst David Bland has written in his Medium blog a note with advice on how to use Lean Startup principles - a method allowing to test ideas and business models quickly. Olga Shishkova has shared the material on

How to check startup ideas and validate them

wrote this on Мар 15, 2016

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Are you thinking on developing a new idea? Yana Polukord offers a detailed guide for you to learn.

So, you have an idea, what should will you do next?

Growth hacks easy to implement

wrote this on Мар 11, 2016

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Tom Morkes has written an article for all those who want to increase leads, sales and revenue steadily and firmly.

What’s growth hacking and why do you need it?

A term “Growth hacking” was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010. It means a skill set somewhere in between marketer and engineer, a person who can imagine creative ways to increase and grow business and who have technical

As for a growth hacker, it’s a person who can find opportunities and use them to grow a business (increasing leads, sales, revenue and so on). And a growth hack is a method, process or technique for making the growth happen.

Tom Morkes offers 10 easy but extremely useful growth hacks that can be implemented in 1 hour.

16 startup metric to have a closer look at

wrote this on Мар 6, 2016

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Jeff Jordan, Anu Hariharan, Frank Chen, and Preethi Kasireddy consider themselves very lucky to have an opportunity to meet thousands of entrepreneurs every year. Thus, they see various metrics that display health of companies. But there are cases when metrics don’t really display the state of business or people use various interpretations of one and the same metric.

So, the authors have compiled a list of common metrics and the ones that are easy to confuse. It’s true that “good metrics aren’t about raising money from VCs — they’re about running the business in a way where founders know how and why certain things are working (or not) … and can address or adjust accordingly.”

31 landing pages that will take your breath away

wrote this on Фев 25, 2016

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It can be quite difficult to create a high-converting landing page. Jacob McMillen assures that he won’t give the “perfect landing page” tip as there’s plenty of contradicting info and concepts and there are a great many of nice landing pages with a high conversion that are totally different.

So, in this article Jacob has compiled 31 examples of outstanding landing pages that are worth seeing. He also describes the reasons why they are brilliant and provides resources and tools which will help you to achieve the same level of success.